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Canada is the second country in the world to legalize the cultivating, possessing, purchasing and consuming of marijuana. It is strictly regulated by the Cannabis Act of 2018. Anyone who wants to buy edibles online in Canada or sell cannabis must be 18 years or older.

One of Canada’s premier online cannabis dispensaries, is Hoot Supply Co. We believe in providing Canadians with access to a whole range of natural alternative remedies for a variety of ailments. Our company only sells to people 19 years and older who are looking to buy edibles online in Canada.

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How to buy edibles online in Canada from Hoot Supply

Hoot Supply is an easy-to-use online store for those looking to buy edibles online in Canada. Customers can simply browse the online catalog and add products to their carts. After checking out, customers will be required to enter all relevant information to make delivery possible.

In order to do this, you have to create an account on our website, which will make the process of ordering products easier in the future. We use Interac e-Transfer as a payment method. This is a secure method of payment that can be used by any person with access to online banking or mobile banking provided by a participating financial institution.

E-transfers are super convenient since you can send money to any person who has an email address or cellphone number with a Canadian bank account. No personal information is shared when using this method to buy edibles online in Canada.

Orders are only confirmed after we receive payment. With Interac e-transfer, confirmation of payment only takes a few hours. However, any payment taking longer than 12 hours to reflect on our side may be indicative of the following issues:

  1. You may not have used the correct email address when making the payment.
  2. The reference to link up the payment with a specific order may not have been correct.
  3. You may need to contact your bank to proceed with the transaction.

Hoot Supply notifies customers via email after receiving a payment to confirm the order, and another one to acknowledge receipt of payment. We also send an email after the order has been shipped when you buy edibles online in Canada.

Top Edibles from HootSupply

Hoot Supply offers a wide range of edible cannabis products including CBD edibles, gummies, chocolate, beverages and mushrooms. Since edibles can take up to 24 hours to kick in, it is recommended that you start with a small dose when you buy edibles online in Canada.

Cannabis edibles offer more advantages than smoking cannabis. Consuming cannabis-infused edibles do not pose the same respiratory risks, since it involves no inhalation.

It also has no odor and can be consumed discreetly. These are mostly used for medical or therapeutic reasons, since its effects last longer than when smoking cannabis. Let’s get into some great products to buy edibles online in Canada.


One of our most popular CBD gummy products to buy edibles online in Canada is the Mixed Gummies by Cannabis Cousins. Besides the fact that they are delicious and irresistible, they can be used as a supplement for anyone suffering from arthritis, nerve pain or muscle pain.

This is due to its anti-inflammatory effects which helps keep pain manageable. Another popular product is HootSupply’s Dino Gang gummies which contain 100 mg THC, making it extra potent. Beginners should take it slow with this product when you buy edibles online in Canada!

Mota’s potent Chocolate Sour Key is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a pain reliever. It can also be beneficial to people suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety, inflammation and loss of appetite. This delicious product is covered in 100 mg of THC-infused chocolate.

Customers looking for a discreet packet of treats that can be consumed while on the go, may want to consider purchasing Hoot Supply’s Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts. Each packet contains eight pieces of candy. The pieces contain 10 mg of THC each and take about one hour to reach their full effect.

Edibles are regularly consumed for therapeutic reasons. Cannabis-infused edibles are known for their relaxing effects. Our Twisted Extracts Zzz Bomb is a great choice for anyone looking to buy edibles online in Canada for a relaxing evening. It also aids in reducing stress.

Customers can choose between the raspberry or black cherry flavor. This gummy can be divided into eight pieces. Each piece contains 10 mg of THC and takes around 60 to 90 minutes to reach its full effect.


Hoot Supply sells delicious and potent cannabis-infused chocolates for you to enjoy when you buy edibles online in Canada. Some of our popular chocolate products include Five Point Edibles’ dark chocolate bars, Mota’s chocolate chip cookies and Boost’s chocolate bars.

One of Five Point Edibles‘ dark chocolate bars can be divided into 24 small doses and each piece contains 24 mg of THC. Other chocolate bars include the Boost Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate bars. Each of these bars contain 200 mg of THC, but can be divided into 10 pieces. These are also extremely potent, since each square contains 20 mg of THC.

Mota’s chocolate chip cookie contains 150 mg of THC. It is important to keep in mind that cannabis edibles are exceptionally potent and can take hours to kick in. Therefore, customers are advised to divide the cookie into smaller pieces and go slow when consuming it. The effects will not kick in immediately when you buy edibles online in Canada.


It is widely accepted that tea is calming, invigorating and relaxing. Hoot Supply stocks herbal tea infused with CBD. This tea is guaranteed to help you relax or wind down after a long day. Our CBD Tranquility Tea consists of ten servings and may reduce stress and help with pain relief. It contains 100 mg of CBD and no THC. Drinkers will not experience any psychoactive effects.

Our Earl of Grey and Cuppa Chai contains 100 mg of THC and also assists with stress and pain relief. Additionally, all our teas may alleviate nausea, inflammation and cramps.

Women may benefit greatly from our Yoni Relax Tea. At only $18, this potent and all-natural tea can alleviate premenstrual pain and menstrual cramps. It is a natural alternative to painkillers and a must have for any woman who suffers from menstrual pains looking to buy edibles online in Canada.


Hoot Supply sells magic mushrooms for customers who are past micro-dosing and on the search for a stronger hallucinogenic. Some of HootSupply’s popular mushroom products include our Dino Gang Psilocybin Gummy, Heart Drops Psilocybin Chocolates, Nature’s Edibles Chocolate Mushroom Bars, Room 920’s Magic Mushroom Cotton Candy and Room 920’s Mushroom Jelly.

Room 920’s Hot Chocolate Mix is infused with Amazonian Magic Mushrooms and is best enjoyed in the evening. Furthermore, we also sell a variety of mushroom capsules for those who want a greater psychedelic experience when you buy edibles online in Canada.


Hoot Supply’s Above the Clouds 1:1 CBD-THC CannaCaps are sold individually and contain 10 mg of CBD and 10 mg of THC. We also sell 100 mg THC CannaCaps.

These Capsules are convenient and discreet, since they can be ingested just like any other vitamin capsule. Its positive effects makes it a great option for people who want to ingest CBD/THC without consuming extra calories.

Additionally, there are no respiratory side effects. These THC cannabis capsules may be beneficial to people suffering from pain, loss of appetite, depression and sleeping problems. It may also inspire creative thought.

Buy Edibles Online in Canada from HootSupply: The Advantages

Hoot Supply is a legitimate cannabis company and strives to offer products of the highest quality.

Our edibles are affordable and of good quality when you buy edibles online in Canada. We offer speedy and discreet shipping with Canada Post XpressPost, all over Canada.

After placing an order with Hoot Supply, customers will receive their orders as soon as possible. Products are usually shipped the day after payment is received, if the order is placed on Sundays to Thursdays by 1:00 pm.

Free Shipping Available

Customers can expect to receive their orders within two to five business days. Orders of $150 or more qualify for free shipping, otherwise you can expect to pay a shipping fee of $15.

Hoot Supply’s discreet shipping is one of the many reasons why we are one of Canada’s premier online cannabis companies to buy edibles online in Canada. All packages are sealed and give no indication on the contents inside.

If for some reason a customer’s package gets lost or stolen, we will send the customer a replacement after a thorough investigation has been conducted.

Our customers are always satisfied with the price and high quality of the edibles purchased from us. In fact, our CannaCaps price from as low as $3, while our CBD edibles and gummies price from only $13. Both CBD and THC teas only price as high as $18.

Hoot Supply’s magic mushrooms are popular among people who benefit from its holistic properties. In small doses, magic mushrooms can be beneficial in aiding mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Prices for magic mushrooms as well as tasty edibles infused with it, can range anywhere from $9 for our Dino Gang gummy to $250 for an ounce of Huautla Cubensis mushrooms (Huautla is mostly used during spiritual practices, providing the user with a strong connection to nature).


Hoot Supply offers a wide variety of edibles to choose from at affordable prices when you buy edibles online in Canada. We guarantee excellent customer service every step of the way.

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The website is set up so any person can search for products that suit their needs. Hoot Supply’s education blog keeps everyone informed on popular topics and issues relating to cannabis.

Buy Edibles Online in Canada FAQs

The short answer is yes. Edibles has been recognized as beneficial by the Canadian Government several years ago, thus being considered a medicinal supplement. The Federal Government has also passed Canada’s Cannabis Act in 2018, which legalized recreational cannabis.

No, at the moment there is no need to have a medical prescription to purchase Edibles products in Canada. We do, however, recommend that you get in touch with a medical professional before consuming Edibles as they might be able to recommend which type of product/dosage would be best for you.

Yes. Hoot Supply sells some great Edibles for you to choose from.

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