The Best Place to Buy Weed Online in Canada

the best place to buy weed online in canada - hoot supply

We are Hoot Supply Co., an online cannabis dispensary based in Canada. Our company takes pride in providing the highest quality cannabis and CBD products to our customers and the best place to buy weed online in Canada.

Hoot Supply Co. is hands down the best place to buy weed online in Canada and we’ll explain why in this article. We have only been operating for a short time, about three years, but already we have a super loyal customer base across Canada.

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Canada legalized the use of cannabis for medical and recreational use in 2018. Since then, a number of dispensaries both online and in person have popped up within Canada, including ourselves.

Hoot Supply offers the best place to buy weed online in Canada. Ordering with Hoot Supply is fast and there is no need to leave the house and show up to the store. You’re already one step closer to getting high without leaving your couch!

Where to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Hoot Supply delivers across Canada. The website, is easy to browse and offers a variety of products so it truly is the best place to buy weed online in Canada. Our customers can purchase weed, CBD flower, hashish, shatter, and much more with Hoot Supply.

$1.21 - $4.00 / Per Gram $0.85 - $2.80 / Per Gram
$1.39 - $4.00 / Per Gram $0.97 - $2.80 / Per Gram

Simply add items and the quantity to your online shopping cart and proceed to our secure check out. The only payment method Hoot Supply currently accepts are e-transfers. No credit cards, cash, or crypto currency are currently accepted at check out.


You’ll need to set up a membership account before you can complete placing an order on our site, the best place to buy weed online in Canada. When subscribing to be a Hoot Supply member, an image of your ID will need to be uploaded to the website to verify that you are 19 years of age or older.

Hoot Supply is a legitimate company and will keep your information safe. However, without that age verification no order will be able to be placed with us. Hoot Supply offers a variety of the most sought-after cannabis products. We provide super-fast shipping and our packaging is very discreet as well.

Why Buy Weed Online in Canada from Hoot Supply?

There are several great reasons to select us the next time you buy weed online in Canada. First, at Hoot Supply, we will ship you order anywhere within Canada where mail can be delivered. We’re serious, no matter where you are, on a mountain top, in a remote town, or a big city, we will get your products to you safe and sound!

We offer free shipping on all orders over $150 so feel free to fill up that cart. To make it easy for our customers, shipping costs a flat rate of $15 for all other orders below $150. Once we receive payment for your order, we get your items packed and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Discreet packaging

Our order packing is very discreet and totally smell-proof for the convenience and privacy of our customers. Most customers in towns and city areas usually receive our orders within 2 to 3 business days. Orders that are being shipped to more rural areas tend to take a little more time, between 3 and 5 business days to arrive.shipping_guarantee - hoot supply

Second, we offer guaranteed delivery at no extra cost to our customers. If an order has not arrived for two days after the estimated arrival date, the customer can simply inform Hoot Supply customer service about the situation and we’ll handle it from there.

Once we have been informed, Hoot Supply will file a trace with the Canadian mailing system and find the package, told you we are the best place to buy weed online in Canada!

It’s all about quality

Third, Hoot Supply does not cut corners when it comes to quality, we want to keep our reputation as the best place to buy  weed online in Canada. At Hoot Supply we get our buds exclusively from local farmers located within British Columbia.

They are sourced fresh and we always provide great photos on our site are from the actual plants being sold to you, the customers. We offer several different strains of cannabis and each one of the highest quality.

Hoot Supply sells several products. We sell cannabis buds, edibles, a range of CBD products, and concentrates.

We give great service too

Finally, Hoot Supply offers a great customer experience and we have a loyal customer base. To order, a customer has to create an account to verify we are over the age of 19.

Once you have an account why would anyone go anywhere else than the best place to buy weed online in Canada?

After your account has been set up, ordering every time after is that much easier. We have a chat bubble at the bottom of the website page to assist customers in choosing the best strain for us. The customer service representatives are readily available for those who need assistance.

Hoot Supply Weed Promotion

There are several sales and promotion options offered at Hoot Supply. We have sales ranging across all of our products. Different product categories are added to the sales every day.

We encouraged you to visit our website often to check up on the different sale items. In addition, we offer a free $20 to those who create a new account. We are basically paying you to create your account.

When visiting our site, you’ll surely see a banner at the top that gives you a link to all of the sale items. Along with the many items on sale, we offer free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

You’ll also get a free gift to go with every order. The free gift also consistently changes, repeat customers can expect a new free gift with every purchase.

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What to do after you buy weed online in Canada?

Now that you know how to buy weed online in Canada, what do you do afterward? If you are close to Vancouver some favorite spots include Wreck Beach.

This clothing optional beach offers a great place to soak up some sun and enjoy your newest products. Another great location near Vancouver is Cypress Mountain Viewpoint.


Cypress-Mountain-Viewpoint - hoot supply

This is a great spot to get instagramable views, the views are breath taking and the freedom from city life can pair well with the cannabis strain of your choice. If you venture here in the winter be careful of ice buildup.

You can also take the best weed online in Canada and hit up Cannabis Culture Vaper Lounge. Located in downtown Vancouver, smoking your product here is a rite of passage. Enjoy our amazing munchies menu, channel some great vibes, and make yourself comfortable.

** Do not forget your ID you will need it to get in. **

Vancouver is not the only place with great locations to enjoy the best weed online in Canada. In Ontario the Parks Creek Retreat is a great weekend getaway, or stoner vacation. Enjoy yoga, hiking, and kayaking at this wilderness retreat location.

If you would prefer something less remote, hit up Pink Elephant in Hamilton and enjoy your new products in a comfy condo. For places closer to Montreal Canada check out this article for some great smoke spots.

Whether you choose to enjoy your products in one of these amazing locations or in the comfort of your own home, Hoot Supply cannabis products are the best to buy weed online in Canada.

How to Store your Weed

You have the product, now you have enjoyed your fill for the day. It is best to store your remaining product in a safe dry place.

Try your best to find a place that also prevents odors from escaping. It is recommended to also keep the flowers intact while storing them, do not break them apart right away if you consume the product slowly.

You do not want your weed to get moldy either. Moldy weed is not safe for anyone to use. Get your storage space in order and correct to prevent this from happening. The best way to store it is in an airtight container in a cool dark place. Not a cold place or a hot place, try to keep it cool or at room temp.

how to store your weed - hoot supply

The shelf life of cannabis can depend on the strain you get however, as long as it is stored properly, cannabis can last up to two years before it loses potency completely. Let’s explore some do’s and don’ts when storing the best weed online in Canada.


Avoid plastic jars, glass all the way. Plastic can cause a cannabis flower to sweat out its moisture. Choose glass or ceramic when storing. Do not keep it in the window.

Over exposure to light can cause the weed to lose potency more quickly. A cool dark place such as a cupboard, or drawer works much better. Do not vacuum seal your cannabis.

There are containers out there that are airtight when closed by hand. Vacuum sealing cannabis deprives it of the oxygen it needs to keep living. If you vacuum seal your cannabis, it can cause it to lose potency quickly.

Storage of cannabis is important. Keep it dry, keep it dark, keep it safe.


At Hoot Supply we have plenty of products for you to try out and find your favourites. From cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and a variety of CBD items you’re sure to find some new products to stock up on. We provide the best place to buy weed online in Canada.

Hoot Supply is a legitimate online cannabis dispensary. Our company is dedicated to our loyal customers and providing the best product we can. We have only been operating within Canada for the last three years, but we have made our presence known and are a top competitor in the online dispensary niche.

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Our products are moderately priced, and our flat rate shipping charge is reasonable. Hoot Supply product is farmed in British Columbia and is fresh and of good quality.

Our company is located and operated exclusively within Canada. We are a legitimate cannabis and CBD company, and we strive to offer a variety of good quality products.

Buy Weed Online in Canada

We offer next day shipping, 5 days a week from Monday – Friday! We do not ship on the weekends. So if your order is made late Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it will be shipped Monday morning.

We ship via Canada Post Xpresspost. For most members, this means that your package will arrive 2-5 business days after it has been shipped.

We ship to any Canadian address, and will only ship to a Canadian address.

Shipping costs are $15 for all orders under $99 dollars, and FREE on all over $150 or more.

Once your order is placed, our warehouse will carefully package and seal your order to ensure a fully smell proof and discrete shipping package. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of payment being received.

Shipping times depend on where in Canada you are located. Generally the standard time frame for all populated areas is 2-3 business days. For rural areas is can be anywhere from 3-5 business days.

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