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Healthy Munchies When You’re High

Healthy Munchies When You're High - Buy weed online canada

Healthy Munchies When You’re High The munchies don’t always have to be junk. While satisfying your munchies and eating healthy may might seem impossible… check out a few of these healthy options that can help.   Mangoes It’s not a proven fact, but many smokers are consuming mangoes an hour before lighting up to boost […]

How To Roll The Perfect Joint!

How to roll the perfect joint - Buy weed online canada

How to roll the perfect joint. Knowing how to roll the perfect joint is a crucial joint connoisseur skill. Timing, precision and just the right amount of slobber will give you the perfect burning root stick. With all of the new smoke gadgets available today, some might say that rolling is a lost art. However, […]

CBD for Pets

CBD For Pets - Online Dispensary Canada

CBD for Pets CBD for Pets. Canada is now in full strides to complete legalization of cannabis both medicinally and recreationally by 2019 at the latest. Among the many benefits that cannabis legalization would bring, one that is not discussed as often is the prospect of using cannabis to treat our pets. Many dog owners […]

Are there health benefits to dabbing?

Online Dispensary Canada - Shatter

Are there any health benefits to dabbing. Besides amazing flavors, live resin, or commonly referred to as shatter, can offer a significant amount of medical benefits. This is why you should consider trying it. Live resin or Shatter is a cannabis concentrate revered for its full flavor, but what is it and how is it […]

Cannabis Legalization in Canada 2018

Will Canada Legalize Marijuana in 2018 - Online Dispensary

Will Canada Legalize Recreation Marijuana in Summer of 2018? Will Canada Legalize Marijuana in 2018? On Thursday May 3rd 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said recreational cannabis use will be legal by summer, despite calls from some senators to delay legalization by up to a year to allow for further consultation with Indigenous communities. Speaking […]

Is It Safe To Buy Weed Online In Canada?

Hoot Supply Co. - Canada's Premier Online Dispensary.

Is Ordering Marijuana Online In Canada safe? If you’ve been following the news recently, you may be aware that recreational use of cannabis in Canada is set to be legalised in July 2018. What many users of the product may not be sure of at this moment is the legal status between now and the […]

Is Weed Dangerous?

Bill Murray Weed Plant - Buy Weed Onlin

Is Weed Dangerous? Is weed dangerous? Blog Post for Hoot Supply Co.  Comedy icon Bill Murray once said he, “finds it quite ironic that the most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it.” Medically speaking, he is right. Yet, there are still some potential dangers that those with reefer madness mindstates or anti-progression […]

Marijuana… Gateway or Exit Drug?

The Devils Harvest - Online Dispensary Canada

Marijuana… Gateway or Exit Drug? Is weed a gateway drug? For many years, and even in todays age, some ill minded people still speak of cannabis as the “gateway drug”. People often start with the “soft drugs” like marijuana, and then move onto “harder” stuff like heroin and cocaine. There might even be a few […]