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How CBD Can Help You in Everyday Life

CBD has remarkable abilities. Here are ways it has been seen helping and a variety of ways to consume it. CBD has, in the past few years, earned itself recognition and reputation among natural alternative medicine lovers. Today, the naturally-occurring cannabis compound doesn’t require an introduction anymore. Thanks to the numerous health benefits of medical […]

Shakin’ All Over!? What To Do With All Your Cannabis Shake!

The marijuana industry has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the past few years. The exponential growth has led to the discoveries of so many ways to tap cannabis for both medical and recreational benefits. One of the eye-opening developments in the industry is that we have now come to understand that almost every […]

How Much Weed Should You Store for the Apocalypse? How Long Will It Last?

One of the major concerns for many cannabis users is knowing the best way to store the plant medicine they love so much for a long period. When marijuana is kept the right way, it helps users make the most of their money. The right storage means one thing to all weed users – they […]

Is It Safe to Handle a Package Delivered from Hoot Supply During COVID-19? How to Use Cannabis Safely During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about our world, including how we take our cannabis orders and use them. Marijuana users used to make as many trips as they wanted to their favorite dispensaries. Many also love to smoke in a circle with friends and pass the joint round. All those may not be […]

I’m too stoned! How to Come Down From a High

The fact that there’s such a thing as too much weed is one of the great tragedies of this world. But it’s almost a rite of passage these days, overdosing on weed that is, and almost every stoner could tell you stories of the time they got way too high and did some dumb stuff. […]

How to Make a Cannabis-Infused Feast (Weed Mac n Cheese, plus a Weed Lava Cake)

For a lot of people, marijuana invokes images of red-eyed, Cheeto munching stoners lounging about on a mangy couch, probably laughing at something that isn’t even funny. While that may have been a golden age for marijuana, things are different these days. As the herb becomes more mainstream, more states are allowing adults to use […]

Weed and Your Workout- Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Physical Activities and CBD for Recovery

Working out is a major chore. Humans are creatures of comfort, and as anyone who’s spent a little time on a comfy sofa or bed can attest, getting up and moving, let alone exercising, can be tough. But that’s the irony of life, isn’t it? A lot of the things that are good for us […]

10 Famous Celebrities Who Blaze

On Election Day 2016, voters in the states of Massachusetts, Maine, California, and Nevada moved to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The support for weed is undoubtedly growing; in fact, the number of American adults in favor of its legalization has, […]

How to Use Shatter

The last few years have been wonderful for cannabis. A wave of marijuana legalization is moving across the country, with more states allowing recreational use for adults. On top of that, the industry has hit a crazy streak of innovation, and the results are amazing. These days, you can find marijuana in everything from tinctures, […]

Cannabis and Caffeine-Why Weed and Coffee is Such a Wonderful Combination

(Cannabis and Caffeine: a Blend from the gods) Cannabis and caffeine are some of the most consumed drugs in the United States. As of 2015, 17.68% of Americans were reported to be recreational consumers of the herb. And God knows just how many cups of coffee you’ve had today. Most cannabis enthusiasts believe that it’s […]