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Over a year after cannabis was legalized in Canada and two months since new regulations changed to allow their sale, the first edibles are hitting the shelves in Canada.

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A quick note about dosage

The first thing you need to consider as a new edible patient is dosage. Stronger cannabis edibles are for experienced patients with a very high tolerance. Unless you’re an existing consumer and you’re 100% sure of what you’re doing, proceed with extreme caution! Nobody wants to spend Christmas Day hugging the toilet bowl.

New users should stick to edibles in 5-10mg doses and wait several hours to fully experience the effects before taking more. However, if you accidentally over-indulge, try not to panic! Edibles are super safe, and nothing dangerous is going to happen to you.

Chocolate and cookies and weed – oh my!

Holiday Special – Santa Oreos

Why not give Santa a surprise and ruin the holidays for kids worldwide by swapping out his regular cookies and milk for something a little more interesting? Old Saint Nick will need all of his Christmas magic to fly straight after enjoying a couple of these 100mg Santa Oreos. Just remember: you’re not Santa, and your car isn’t a magical sleigh. Don’t medicate and drive!

Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate

Made for the space cadets among us, Buuda Bomb’s Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate will fly you to the moon on a rocket ship made of chocolate and weed. With 300mg of THC and 72% organic cacao, it’s certain to satisfy your chocolate craving too – if you can find room after stuffing yourself with all that holiday food.


Whether you’re down to devour some delicious, helpless THC gummy bears or you prefer your medicine in a non-anthropòmorphic form, medicated candies offer something for everyone. Chocolate Sour Keys. Strawberry Yoghurt Explosions. Gummy bears, dinosaurs, CBD soda bottles… we got them all.

Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter and chocolate – name a more iconic duo. Mota invited a couple of other guests to their peanut butter cup party in the form of our old friends THC and CBD. We thought it was impossible to improve on this classic, but we’re happy to admit that we were wrong.


Tinctures are one of the most versatile types of edibles – you can enjoy a medicated morning coffee or a few drops under the tongue before bed. The active ingredients in tinctures come dissolved in a carrier like grape seed oil or alcohol rather than a calorie-loaded cookie. So, they’re a great option for patients looking for the benefits of edibles without messing with their macros. Options include:

Yoni Relief Tincture

Formulated to provide powerful relief to women suffering from menstrual symptoms. Start off your day with a dropper of this alcohol and glycerine based tincture to chase away cramps, say goodbye to pain, and send PMS packing.

Mota Sleep Tincture

Available in high-THC, high-CBD and 1:1 THC:CBD formulations, Mota Sleep tinctures combine cannabinoids with melatonin and an organic herbal preparation containing valerian, passion flower, and peppermint oil. This potent combination is basically a sleep potion, so make sure you’re ready for a trip to the land of ZZZs before medicating with this tincture.

CBD Dog Tincture

Humans aren’t the only species to benefit from the recent edibles rollout – Canadian canines can now medicate right alongside their masters. Made from 300mg of CBD isolate in a base of MCT Oil and tasty Pacific Salmon Oil, Animalitos CBD Dog Tincture is free of psychoactive ingredients. Great for pooches suffering from pain, inflammation, anxiety, arthritis and seizures.

Holiday Special – Candy Cane Cookies

This double-chocolate medicated cookie is dipped in medicated strawberry white chocolate. Double chocolate AND double medicated? What’s not to love? With a sprinkle of candy cane bits to finish, this holiday treat is sure to leave you with a suitably festive buzz at 300mg of THC.

Cannabis-infused Tea

If a rapidly-expanding holiday waistline leaves you questioning the wisdom of any more sugary treats, cannabis-infused tea could be just what the doctor ordered. Options include Temple Tea – Moroccan Mint, Temple Tea – Jasmine Green and Temple CBD Lemongrass Tea.

Organic/Vegan Watermelon Wheels

While most cannabis gummies are made with gelatin from animal sources, Mota’s Watermelon Wheels are 100% vegan and made from organic ingredients.

Mota Canna Cocoa

Countless Canadian kids will be fighting off the winter chill with a cup of hot cocoa this holiday season. But with 150mg of THC, this cocoa is strictly for adults. Comes with marshmallows for those of us whose inner child is alive and well.

Cannabis Capsules

If you’re looking for simple, no-frills relief in convenient single-doses, then cannabis capsules might just be your jam. These are a great option for parents who don’t want to have brightly-colored, sugary-sweet edibles around the house. Still, as always, make sure to keep these well out of the reach of curious kids!

With so many choices on offer, finding the right edible will take some trial and error. Always start out slow with a new product and write down how it affects you. Over time, you’ll develop a better idea of what works for your condition. Above all, stay safe, remember to enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to visit our store if you’re ready to sample your first legal edible!

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