How Much Weed Should You Store for the Apocalypse? How Long Will It Last?

One of the major concerns for many cannabis users is knowing the best way to store the plant medicine they love so much for a long period. When marijuana is kept the right way, it helps users make the most of their money. The right storage means one thing to all weed users – they get to enjoy the substance’s full flavor and potency for a long period. While there are many known storage methods for keeping cannabis, many users aren’t getting the desired result from many of them. Have you been wondering, which is the best way to stock your weed? This article gives you the best cannabis storage ideas.

COVID-19 and Weed Storage

Judging by the unfolding events from the COVID-19 pandemic, it won’t be out of place saying the world is living its worst imagined apocalyptic dream. This has called for devising various survival skills needed to navigate through the unpalatable experiences of the pandemic effects.  These include boredom, anxiety, and other effects of being cooped in the house. As a cannabis user, you absolutely know you need a substantial amount of cannabis as part of your essentials for the long moment. But the questions lie in knowing the right amount that can be stored and for how long can it be kept.

But How Do I Know How Much Weed I Should Store for the Apocalypse?

The straight answer is as much as you can legally possess, based on the cannabis law in your country, province, or state. But then, it goes beyond just stashing your home with a large amount of weed. The question is whether you can store it the best way while it lasts.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many cannabis users used to get their weekly dose at home. However, the pandemic has changed a lot of things. You may no longer have the opportunity of free movements as before. Your consumption level may also have increased, making it a little difficult to calculate the exact amount needed. Another thing is that there are so many uncertainties concerning how long the lockdown will last in different countries. There have been multiple extensions of stay at home order in various parts of the world. One of the effects of the COVID-19 on marijuana users is that the craving for weed will increase significantly. It is no brainer that some will even double their weed consumption, due to weeks of inactivity in isolation.

So, the best thing is to calculate the rate you take weekly and multiply it by how many weeks you can possibly assume the lockdown will last in your area. This must be done while keeping the legal requirements of weed possession in your state in mind. You should also be ready to keep the weed in the best shape.

Why You Should Get Your Cannabis Storage Right

Whether you are a medicinal or recreational user, the importance of appropriate cannabis storage cannot be overemphasized. Apart from keeping your marijuana fresh and potent, proper storage also prevents its odor from escaping. Of course, you don’t want your home to start smelling like a marijuana dispensary. It also helps keep the flower intact and prevent it from breaking apart, especially for those who love to roll their thing in a joint.

Aside from those benefits, the proper cannabis methods prevent against having mold growing on your marijuana. Moldy weed, as you know, is dangerous for a weed smoker. The effects of smoking molding weed range from minimal reactions to debilitating issues. So, to enjoy your weed to the fullest, and as well prevent complications, getting it right with storage is key.

Popular Ways of Keeping Cannabis Fresh

Among cannabis enthusiasts, it is widely known that putting weed in an air-tight container and stow it in a cool dark place is the best storage method. There are also different opinions on whether cannabis can expire and how long can its shelf life be. Some also believe that certain strains have a longer shelf life than others. While some of these opinions are right, many of them are myths. This is because the shelf life of a cannabis flower is determined by a number of factors.

Weed Shelf Life:  What Research Says

There is a small body of scientific work covering the shelf life of cannabis. What seems to be a consensus is that the storage the method will largely determine how long weed can last. An example of such studies is the one published by the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Researchers stored nine samples of herbal and two resin cannabis in varying conditions for up to 2 years. It was found that exposure to light was the most significant factor in the loss of cannabinoid (a very valuable cannabis compound). Air oxidation was another factor found to cause significant loss. According to the study, no significant loss can be traced to the temperature level (of up to 20°). They concluded that carefully prepared cannabis or extracts can remain reasonably stable for 1 to 2 years. This can be cheering news if you have been worried about the freshness of your stocked cannabis. But the question is, how exactly can one carefully or properly stored his cannabis?

How to Keep Cannabis Fresh for Long

Regardless of your choice of strain, keeping your weed with the following tips will help you retain its freshness for a long time:

Choose the Right Storage

Avoid using plastic jars as your cannabis storage because they can cause your flower to sweat out moisture. They can also affect the taste of your herb over time. Instead of plastic, choose mason jar (glass) or ceramic materials with air-tight seals. Glass keeps your marijuana consistent and preserves its valuable compounds.

Avoid Exposure to Light

As stated in this study, exposing weed to light is the fastest way to lose its potency. And this doesn’t have to be direct sunlight, which is why air-tight seals are usually recommended on your storage jar. When cannabis is degraded by exposure to light, its most important compounds (cannabinoid and terpene) will be lost.

Choose a Cool Dark Place

A cool dry place will help avoid exposure to light and at the same time guide against heat. You can keep your herb in a cupboard or drawer. If you have kids, ensure it is not within their reach.

Consider Oxygen

Air is a big factor in cannabis storage, which must be gotten right. Without enough oxygen, there can be molding or mildewing, and if it is too much, there can be degradation of the plant. The best way to ensure a balance is to vacuum seal your cannabis. But because vacuum sealers don’t always come handy, you can still get it right with your glass jar. Just choose the right size for the quantity of weed you are storing. “Right size” here means a jar that will hold the weed comfortably without leaving too much room to spare and will also not be too tight.

Temperature Matters

Although a temperature of up to 20% may not have a significant effect on your weed, there can be degradation if it gets to some degrees. If the environment is in the range of 78 to 86 degrees, it can result in mold and mildew of your weed. Endeavor to keep the temperature around 60 degrees.

Other things to consider

  • Ensure there is hygrometer or other products for checking humidity level of your weed
  • Don’t lump different strains in the same jar. This is to maintain each strain’s flavor profiles
  • Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer. A refrigerator can cause temperature and humidity to fluctuate and can also lead to mildew or mold. A freezer can brittle and break off the valuable trichomes.
  • Do not store your weed above electronic gadget that can release heat. A cupboard, drawer, the basement of your house are some ideal places.

Proper Cannabis Storage Will Help You Stay High and Stay Safe

As the COVID-19 apocalypse continues, safety should be top on your priority list. So while having fun in isolation with your weed, ensure you stick to health authority’s advice. Get your cannabis orders from trusted sources, stock it the proper way, and maintain personal hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water before for at least 20 minutes before preparing your weed. Wash your hand again before you start smoking, and once you are done smoking, wash your hands again. Precautions and education remain the best tools for fighting infection. Prioritize safety in all you do, including your use of cannabis.