How to Dab For All Experience Levels


Dabbing has become one of the most popular and effective methods of consuming cannabis. Over 40% of people who tried dabbing report using dabbing regularly as a primary source of getting high. People are inclined to use it because of its highly effective. And it’s much more potent effects than simply smoking a marijuana flower. Let us walk through all you need to know about how to dab.

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What is dabbing?

To first understand what dabbing is, you will have to get familiar with dabs. Dabbing is when pieces of concentrated cannabis are vaporized using a dab rig to create the dabs. Technically, all you need to feel the effects is a minimal amount of oil. Dabs usually contain a concentration between 70% to 99% THC. So you can only imagine the fantastic experience it provides. Also, dabs can come in many various concentrated forms, including Shatter, Crumble, Wax or Oil.

Why learn how to dab?

If you are looking for a way to spice up the redundant high you get from smoking or vaping, you should learn how to dab. Not only will the hit be much more substantial, but it will also hit you fast. Medical users have also used it to relieve pain quickly and for the euphoric sensations it brings you. Moreover, it is quite odorless and leaves a minimal amount of lingering smell behind. Some folks dab in public as a substitute to e-cigarettes. The scent is not as powerful and doesn’t bother others as much.

What do you need to dab?

If you are looking for how to dab, you must make sure you have a high tolerance for THC. You should also be confident using cannabis. In other words, dabbing isn’t for beginners. To learn how to dab, you need much more than a bong. There are actually numerous ways to dab, but the most common one is a dab rig. A dab rig is quite like a bong, but it has a nail instead of a bowl and a glass cylinder.

Second of all, you need a dab nail which is where you will be putting your dab. You can find all kinds of different nails to use. But it’s best to look for ones made of glass, ceramic, or titanium. As a substitute for a dab nail, you can find a banger that is easier to incorporate into dabbing. A banger is made out of quartz, and they are fundamentally dab nails in the shape of small buckets.

The next piece of equipment you will need to learn how to dab is a dabber. This is a relatively small tool that you should use when adding a small dab onto your nail. Not only will it make it much easier to dab, but it will also prevent you from burning yourself on the nail.

Fuel Sources

The last item you need for dabbing would be an old-fashioned blow torch. You need this to light up your dabs, and sure you might be thinking it is too much of a hassle to carry around a torch.

The alternative would be to carry a propane-fueled, much smaller torch that can be carried around. If you’re thinking to outsmart the system and use a lighter, trust us. It won’t work as you need a much more powerful fire source.

Plus, some dab rigs will provide you will all the necessary parts for your dabbing process, but the best part about dabbing is that you can customize it the way you like. Now, do not be discouraged since you will need wait around several items. The point of learning how to dab is to enjoy a new experience that will be accompanied by a much more powerful and faster high.

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How to dab

While we walk you through how to dab, you will quickly realize that it looks more like a chemistry experiment from the TV show Breaking Bad. However, once you do have all the equipment, it is relatively easy to follow the steps.

Step number one would be to add a tiny amount of the dab onto your dabber. It is common logic, just like rolling a joint. The amount you add will affect how high you get. However, just like any other experience, if it is your first time, make sure you go slow. Experiment and start with with a small amount. We already acknowledged that even the tiniest amounts will get you high pretty fast because of the potency.

Step number two is to use your blow torch to heat up the nail directly, so make sure that the flame comes into direct contact with your nail. After it turns red in a few seconds, keep the torch going for around eight seconds. Then make sure your blow torch is off before you inhale. Otherwise, you would be inhaling even more chemicals into your system that would be pretty dangerous. One of them is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be lethal in high doses, so make sure you avoid over burning as well as staying in a closed space for too long. This is another great reason to dab outdoors when possible.

After heating the nail, wait for it to cool down to ensure you do not burn the dab to a crisp. As a general rule of thumb, wait between 30 to 60 seconds before inhalation. That would widely depend on the thickness of the nail and the type of material you are using. The optimum temperature for the best flavor and experience would be between 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit.


The way you can measure that is to find out how long it takes for your specific nail to cool down to your desired temperature and use a stopwatch on your phone to keep track. Alternatively, you can use an infrared thermometer to measure the exact temperature of the nail.

Now, the final steps would be to place the dab onto the nail’s surface and then start inhaling the vapor. As we teach you to master how to dab, you should inhale slowly. Most of the dab takes time to vaporize, and it is not a quick process. Exhale the vapor and avoid keeping it inside your system as the smoke is meant to be exhaled immediately.

Suppose you are already familiar with how to dab and would like to take it to the next level. In that case, you can use a carb cap on the nail to increase the amount of vaporization of the dab while inhaling. Think of it as a small oven trapping the heat around the nail, providing you with an even better dabbing experience.

If you are searching for how to dab to simply experience the high without the responsibility, then dabbing may not be for you. There are a lot of steps and details involved. Just like the intricate steps you have to go through, you will also need to ensure you have clean equipment after you are done. Cleaning the nail, for instance, will prevent any residual dab from changing the flavor of your future concentrations. To clean it correctly, make sure it cools down before wiping the insides with a piece of cotton. You can also dip the cotton in rubbing alcohol and then clean the insides of the nail to achieve an in-depth cleaning.

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More about dabbing

As you learn how to dab, you should be aware of any risks accompanying it. Due to the higher THC concentration present, the psychological effects are bound to be a little more extreme than a standard high. Moreover, overheating your nail might lead to unwanted particles present in the vapor. These can including rust, benzene, and solder. These chemicals can cause severe damage to your health if recurrent exposure occurs. So make sure that your dabbing technique is on point and you have the proper equipment.

Moreover, there’s a fire risk associated with dabbing as a blow torch is much more dangerous than a lighter. The gas, butane, is a byproduct of burning off the nail and is incredibly flammable. Hence, overheating the nail can put you at a much greater risk of causing a fire. However, the data around dabbing has been inconclusive as not much research has been done regarding it.

One of the most common questions when consuming marijuana is how long it will stay in your system. The primary factor would be the mode of ingestion, which plays a vital role in how long THC remains in your system. Sometimes, it can take up to four weeks for THC to entirely leave your body and no longer be detected in urine samples. However, it also depends on your metabolism, how often you consume THC, and how much of it you used.

Wrapping it up

To sum up, learning how to dab might be quite a hassle, but one that might just be worth it for you. If you are someone who got bored of your typical joint smoking, you can simply try to switch it up by purchasing a few pieces of equipment. Gather a few of your friends and try out dabbing as a new and improved method of getting high.

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