How To Roll The Perfect Joint!

How to roll the perfect joint - Buy weed online canada

How to roll the perfect joint.

Knowing how to roll the perfect joint is a crucial joint connoisseur skill. Timing, precision and just the right amount of slobber will give you the perfect burning root stick. With all of the new smoke gadgets available today, some might say that rolling is a lost art. However, being the perfect joint roller is more than just the a popular party trick. It’s a life skill that can be shared with new and old friends throughout the world. Keep reading for the best tips and papers out there. Before you start rolling you’ll some premium mail order marijuana. Get shopping, then get rolling!

Step 1: Grind Your Weed

Make your life a whole lot easier and never finger bust again. Investing in a good quality bud grinder will last you a LONG time and surely won’t break the bank. Not only will this save you tons of time, but will also make your bud easier to work with. You’ll also avoid sticky weed fingers which always makes the actual rolling process more difficult. Opt for a grinder like this one with a mesh screen that collects all of that delicious keef (or crystals) for special occasions. Remember to pick out the stems first cause nobody wants to smoke that sh*t.

How to roll the perfect joint. buy weed online canada

Step 2: Make a Filter

You can always just buy pre-rolled filters or just skip this step entirely. Making a filter is super easy and good to know how to do. You can use any stiff paper, like a business card, rolling paper package or cardboard gum packaging. Start with a few accordion style folds then roll. For more in depth instructions for making a filter, click here.

The perfect joint filter

Step 3: Choose Papers and Roll

Everyone has got their go-to rolling papers for different reasons and preferences. You might have to try a few different brands and sizes before you can find one that really works for your fingers. We always suggest thinner papers that are unbleached and made from natural resources. Our personal favourites are made by Raw, you can check them out here. Once you’ve got it, it’s time to fill it with the good stuff. If you’ve made a filter, place it under the thumb at one end of the paper and start sprinkling your bud busted weed evenly throughout. Once you’ve filled it with your desired amount, you can start to shape it with your fingers.

Side note: Your filter will set the tone for how thick your joint will be. You can’t make your joint thinner then your filter. Aka… how much mail order marijuana is it going to take.

How to roll the perfect joint - Online Dispensary Canada

Step 4: Rolling Your Joint

Hold your joint at both ends and start to roll it back and forth. Carefully expel any air pockets and even tighten. Not too tight! Lower the front of the paper with your thumbs and tuck the unglued strip of the paper into the back of the joint. Evenly roll upwards from centre to edges with the glue left exposed. Lightly wet the glued part with the slightest bit of saliva or water to seal it. Gently use your thumbs to push the weed down while quicky sealing the joint. Now you can start the tucking the entire joint, working your way down from one end.

How to roll the perfect blunt - Online dispensary Canada

Step 5: Pack It In

Find yourself a pokey stick like a pen, small stick, or other long and pointy-ish object to push the weed down towards the filter. Again not too tight, just enough to get rid of any soft / airy spots. Finish off by twisting the remaining bit of paper upwards to seal your perfect joint. Grab a lighter or matches and enjoy your masterpiece.

While your busy creating perfect doobies with your new found skills, let us suggest a little backdrop music for you!

How To Roll A Blunt – By Redman

How to roll the perfect joint - Buy weed online canada

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