Is It Safe to Handle a Package Delivered from Hoot Supply During COVID-19? How to Use Cannabis Safely During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about our world, including how we take our cannabis orders and use them. Marijuana users used to make as many trips as they wanted to their favorite dispensaries. Many also love to smoke in a circle with friends and pass the joint round. All those may not be possible at least for now. We now have to rely heavily on online orders and stuck alone in our homes to take our cannabis products. For medicinal and recreational cannabis users, the safety of their orders is a big concern. This arises from uncertainties surrounding the spread of COVID-19. Many wonder if it is possible to get coronavirus from touching a cannabis package received from stores.

Can One Contact Coronavirus from Cannabis Packages Ordered Online?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is unlikely for COVID-19 to be spread from packages or products shipped over a period from one place to another. It is unlikely for the virus to survive days or weeks at ambient temperatures. It is a respiratory disease, which is believed to spread mainly from person to person. Though it is thought that the virus can survive a short period on some surfaces, there is no evidence suggesting it can last long. Previous analysis done by WHO revealed that coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as packages or letters. So, the possibility of contacting coronavirus from your cannabis order is very unlikely.

As a matter of fact, cannabis online order has increased significantly since the lockdown. Even many dispensaries have now gone 100% e-commerce in their bid to adhere to health guidelines and reduce human physical interactions. In Canada, for instance, one of the world’s biggest marijuana company, Canopy Growth Corporation announced a temporary closure of all their corporate-owned Tokyo Smoke and Weed retail outlets nationwide. The measure is the same in California and other U.S. states. A dispensary in the city reported a shot up of up to 25% since they went fully on online sales and supplying their buyers with free delivery. This is an indication that people are still getting their cannabis orders amidst the pandemic and there is little or nothing to worry about being infected from the package.

Even at That, Precaution Must Be Observed

Of course, the analysis from the world’s health body is worth being relied on as there has not been any COVID-19 case linked directly to a shipped package. However, even at that, it is always best to err on the side of caution. COVID-19 is popularly referred to as a novel virus simply because it is a new case the world had never witnessed before.

A whole lot is still left to be known about how the virus spread. It then becomes very important not to take chances. These are trying times, and you cannot be too careful in any measure to protect yourself and loved ones from contracting the virus that has hospitalized hundreds of thousands and killed tens of thousands.

This, we realize as a responsible company, which has influenced our decision to ensure utmost safety measures in our delivery methods. The following are some of the efforts we have put in place to ensure the safe delivery of all cannabis products supplied to our clients:

Safe and Clean Environment

We go the extra miles to keep our facility clean and safe. We ensure constant sanitizing and disinfecting of our stores. We also pay extra attention to our high-touch surfaces and give thorough, deep night cleanings of the environment.

Implementation of Strict Wellness Policy for Our Staff

We understand the importance of keeping our team safe for the safety of our customers. We have a strong wellness implementation in place that ensures a regular check on our staff and would only allow employees who are 100% fit at work. We also ensure strict compliance with that government directives are followed strictly by our team, which include:

  • Washing of hands with a minimum of once per hour
  • Sanitizing of cell phones at least twice a day
  • No handshaking
  • No sharing of drinks, foods, and other items
  • Avoid touching of the face
  • Hands are sanitized after they touch money or use gloves

Visitors to Our Store

We have limited the number of people that can be present at our facility at a time. In addition, we always ask our customers and visitors who are sick to not visit our store. At the same time, we have trained our staff to be more sensitive in dealing with our visitors, especially by anyone showing symptoms of being sick or those who are immunocompromised.

Increased Work Hour

We are now working more hours to ensure our facilities are well maintained and also keep up with high demands. We also dedicate the first hour of work to attending to seniors ages 60 and above.

An Increased Capacity for Cannabis Delivery

We know that many people have increased their weed consumption due to the lockdown. We are ensuring our customers are getting constant supplies to keep up with their increased needs. You can rest assured that even if you have doubled your weekly cannabis consumption, we will always be here to get you as much weed as you need.

How You Can Stay Safe as a Cannabis User

While we are doing our best to ensure your marijuana orders get to you safely, we would like to encourage you to stay safe and stay strong. Together we can all overcome the pandemic by following safety measures by health experts. The following are tips on the best way to enjoy your marijuana while maintaining social distancing:

Stock Up

The COVID-19 lockdown has already lasted months or weeks in many places, and still with no end in sight. No one knows how long will the isolation lingers, which is why we recommend that you stock your home with as much cannabis as you legally can. As advised by Leafly, you should have stock that will last you for at least 30 days. This will limit your needs to keep making weekly orders or trips down to cannabis stores.

Follow Trusted Sources for Health News and Follow Expert’s Advice

Precautions and education are the strongest tools that can help defeat infections, including COVD-19. It is, therefore, very important to follow strictly the guidelines given by trusted health bodies, like WHO and government sources. Practice social distancing, ensure regular hand washing and store your weed the best way to avoid mold and mildew.

Avoid Sharing Your Cannabis Consumption Device with Others

It is understandable that many of us enjoy having our marijuana consumption in groups. The puff-and-pass culture is about the most exciting thing in the weed world. But for now, wisdom demands that we put a hold on that to stay safe. Passing around your vapes, pipes, joints, and other consumption methods is the fastest way to spread most viruses, including coronavirus. So, desist from such for now and stick only to your personal order and consumption devices.