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Hoot Supply Co. is happy to serve all the great people in Ontario. From Sudbury to Hull and everywhere in between. All of our friends in Ontario can now buy weed online just like a lucky customer who has a dispensary built into their own home!

Hoot Supply Co. is proud to service Canadians from Coast to Coast as the nation’s premier Ontario online dispensary. Being Canada’s choice in an online dispensary means we believe in an uncompromising standard. We offer top shelf products, fast guaranteed shipping and second to none customer service for all customers, on all orders. Buying marijuana online in Canada has never been more safe, discrete, user friendly and professional.

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$1.39 - $4.00 / Per Gram $0.97 - $2.80 / Per Gram

Every Canadian in need of medicinal marijuana can now buy weed online in Canada at the click of a few buttons. No longer do you need to think of what BC grown weed is like or dream of meeting craft growers in BC. We are all connected in our national community’s commitment for health, happiness and well being. Not only do we carry the best flowers, but also premium CBD products, vape pens, shatters, dabs, dog treats, tinctures and more.

What’s an Ontario Online Dispensary

In Canada, after the legalization of marijuana, the establishment of the Ontario online dispensary has become quite widespread. There are many dispensaries out there through which you can order marijuana. Be it the couch sedating Indica or the cerebral high of Sativa. You can find many options for an Ontario online dispensary that can ship weed, concentrates, edibles, and so much more – straight to your mailbox.

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Even though weed is legalized in Canada, many people prefer their privacy. We totally get it, it’s nice to keep matters to yourself. This means that they would rather want it to be hidden that they are buying weed.

Whether it’s to grow, for medicinal use, or whatever other reason. For this very reason, every Ontario online dispensary is supposed to cater to a very discreet method of selling weed. They also need to ensure that this method is viable and can serve the purpose it is made for.

When shopping for cannabis products, it is safe to assume that every Ontario online dispensary out there ensures safety and convenience. This is because it is a very important factor when buying weed online in Canada.

The popularity the Ontario online dispensary has led to more work being invested in the mail order delivery services. Which is why there is potential for this business sector to become very serious in the upcoming years as well.

Perks of online dispensaries

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Whenever a customer wants to order marijuana online, they would obviously skim through every Ontario online dispensary there is and pick the best one. By the best one, we mean an Ontario online dispensary that provides a range of products at competitive prices. That’s certainly what every customer would be looking for.

If you plan to buy weed online from an Ontario online dispensary, the best perk is that you don’t need to leave the house for any of your cannabis needs! You can easily have it all delivered to your house as soon as possible.

At Hoot Supply Co, we have extended our services to the point where no matter where you live in Canada, we will have your weed delivered to you.

It’s crucial to pick the best Ontario online dispensary for all of your cannabis needs. For this reason, we believe our guide would do the perfect job. This article is meant to explain the perks of mail order services in Canada and then also give the reasons why you should pick Hoot Supply Co, one that can prove to be the best Ontario online dispensary to you.

Why Use an Ontario Online Dispensary

Looking to buy some weed for yourself but don’t happen to have enough time to go out and get it? You might want to hear more about mail order marijuana services!

Almost every Ontario online dispensary offers mail order marijuana services because of the ease it provides to every customer. Buying marijuana online in Ontario can be a stress-free and easy alternative to going to a dispensary yourself and buying it.

With marijuana being legalized in Ontario, many of the dispensaries have reverted to offering mail order marijuana services because nowadays nobody really wants to visit a marijuana store and buy weed in Canada.

In the modern world, many people prefer ordering straight from websites where an Ontario online dispensary delivers their weed straight to their doorsteps.

Ontario online dispensary outlets provide these mail order marijuana services because it only enhances the shopping experience even further.

Some people may not even have the option to go to a physical store and buy weed from there; this is why it’s essential to pick a reliable Ontario online dispensary if you want the weed delivered safely to your doorstep.

You may be wondering, why should you opt for mail order services and what are the benefits? Let’s discuss some of them below.

Search through an array of products from an Ontario online dispensary

When you’re scrolling through the webpage of the Ontario online dispensary, you get the opportunity to scroll through the list of marijuana products that dispensary is selling. You can pick from any and every type of variety, and easily buy weed online in Ontario.

You can pick from concentrates, hash, flowers, edibles, cannabis and what else the company offers! There are also considerable amounts of stores in the Ontario online dispensary category, so you can compare their prices online as well.

Discreet delivery when you buy weed online in Ontario

Privacy is a major concern for many people, and almost every marijuana buyer would agree with this! When you order your weed online in Ontario from an Ontario online dispensary, you will be guaranteed discreet delivery options so that you can keep your parcel private and hidden from prying eyes.

Special packaging can ensure that your weed gets delivered in a package that does not even slightly look like it is marijuana that’s being delivered. That’s why mail order services when ordering weed online in Ontario might be the best way to keep your matters private and hidden!

Delivery on your doorstep when you buy cannabis online in Ontario

Just like when you order everything else online and have it delivered on your doorstep, you can do the same when you buy cannabis online in Ontario! Every Ontario online dispensary offers this option and as there is discreet packaging, so you have nothing else to worry about!

If you do not have access to a physical dispensary, you’re literally at no disadvantage because ordering marijuana online from an Ontario online dispensary is way more convenient and reliable anyway. Simply grab your laptop, find a reliable store, and order away!

Why Order from Hoot Supply Co?

We do delivery all over Canada! Our online marijuana dispensary, Hoot Supply Co, has a website that is super easy to browse and has a variety of cannabis products that will have you wanting to order everything there is!

We at Hoot Supply Co. have been so fortunate to see multiple positive reviews by our customers on a recurring basis. We do our best to be ranked as the best Ontario online dispensary. Our Ontario online dispensary has numerous products and reasons as to why you should buy from us, and we will be discussing these with you.

First of all, it’s a guarantee that we will ship anywhere in Canada for you. By anywhere, we mean anywhere at all! It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a remote town, suburbs, or a busy city – Hoot Supply Co. will have you your weed delivered safe and sound.

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Free delivery on orders above $150

Our Ontario online dispensary offers free shipping on all orders that are $150 and above, so we recommended you order in bulk so you don’t have to pay the delivery charges!

However, if you just feel like trying us out, our delivery costs around $15 for all orders below $150. Once you have placed your order, we will process with shipping and sending your order out for delivery within the first twenty-four hours after you have sent us your payment.

Excellent quality weed

Compromising on quality has never been something you can expect from us. At Hoot Supply Co, we only source our buds locally from farmers who grow the highest quality bud. It surely gives us the title of best Ontario online dispensary. And we intend to keep our great reputation.

excellent quality weed - hoot supply - online ontario dispensary

The photos that you see on our website are exactly the buds that will be delivered to you. And all of them are 100% fresh. Every strain that you see on our Ontario online dispensary website is of excellent quality. And we also sell a range of products, so the variety is great too. You’ll find everything that you want here!

Excellent customer service

At our Ontario online dispensary, Hoot Supply Co, we have a very loyal customer base and most of the customers who have bought from us, have always returned. You must, however, create an account first so that we can verify whether you’re above 19.

If you’re over 19, our brilliant customer service is there to guide you throughout the process of buying from Hoot Supply Co. Our dispensary has a huge variety, as mentioned above, and if you have any questions regarding anything at all, you can always reach out to us. Our customer service representatives will be there at your service.

Ordering is fairly easy. But if you do happen to have any questions regarding the process, there is a little chat button in the corner of our website. You can open that up and have a representative assist you with whatever you may need.

We can help you pick a strain. We can answer your questions regarding delivery, whatever you may need help with! You can count on us because we certainly won’t let you down. And we’ll have you coming back for more – that’s a guarantee.

Last Words

In short, the conclusion of our entire article is to enlighten you. For the reasons we mentioned, Hoot Supply Co. has the potential to be your only weed supplier. You can depend on us and we have great products. We hope you will rely on us for your cannabis, and we can’t wait to send you more awesome bud!

Why Order from Hoot Supply Co?

    • Free Shipping on all orders over $150
    • Safe, trusted and secure
    • Canada’s Premium Products
    • Support BC Craft Growers
    • Become a part of our Canadian Cannabis Community

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We ship with Canada Post. Free shipping for all orders $150 or above (after any discounts are applied) and $15.00 flat rate for all other orders. Shop at Ontario Online Dispensary.

Once your order is placed, our warehouse will carefully package and seal your order to ensure a fully smell proof and discrete shipping package. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of payment being received.

Shipping times depend on where in Canada you are located. Generally the standard time frame for all populated areas is 2-3 business days. For rural areas is can be anywhere from 3-5 business days.