Shakin’ All Over!? What To Do With All Your Cannabis Shake!

The marijuana industry has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the past few years. The exponential growth has led to the discoveries of so many ways to tap cannabis for both medical and recreational benefits. One of the eye-opening developments in the industry is that we have now come to understand that almost every part of the cannabis plant, including “shake” is useful. The question is have you been having your cannabis shakin’ all over? If yes, did you know there are so many benefits you can derive from the shake?
So, What Is Cannabis Shake?
Shake, in simple term, refers to cannabis leftovers. But more than just leftovers, your cannabis shake can give you a complete, cherished marijuana experience if well utilized. When you store your premium cannabis flowers in a jar, some pieces usually break off of the buds. That is what gives you a cannabis shake.
However, depending on how you see it and what you make of it – anything “leftover” can either be useless or useful. The same analogy applies to cannabis shake. There are so many things you can do with your shake. It all starts by knowing what makes a good, clean shake. In fact, people who know the importance of these pieces of marijuana sometimes order them from an online marijuana dispensary. Some dispensaries offer these leftovers for a lower price than the main cannabis flower, giving that its effects aren’t always as consistent as the flower it came from. So, whether the shake is from your cannabis storage jar at home or you are to buy weed online from a dispensary, this article gives you various creative ideas on how you can maximize the usefulness of your marijuana shake.
What Can I Do with My Cannabis Shake?
There are so many creative, practical, and economical ways to use your cannabis shake. One thing you need to understand, however, is that these marijuana pieces tend to come in dry form. So, the earlier you use it, the more likely you will get the most of it. Keep in mind that some of these methods will require that you first decarboxylate the cannabis shake before making your choice of products out of it. Decarboxylation means activating the chemical effects of marijuana by heating it. The following are some of the ways to use your shake.
Make Canna Butter and other Marijuana Edibles
Making marijuana edibles from your cannabis shake is perhaps the best way to utilize these useful remnants. One of the easiest and fastest edible to make from shake is cannabutter. Other CBD edibles or meals, such as canna chocolate, cannas candy, can also be derived from the shake.
Make Alcohol from It
If you consume alcohol, your shake can be a good source of marijuana-based alcohol. After decarboxylating the shake, pour it in a jar, and then add liquor to it. You can then store for days or weeks, depending on the level of potency you want from it. Ensure that you keep the mixture in a cool, dry, dark place and remember to shake it a few times every day until it is ready for consumption.
Put it in Your Tea
After first decarboxylating your shake, you can make your favorite cannabis-infused tea from it. You can also make it creamy and more flavorful by adding some milk to it. For many marijuana lovers, cannabis tea is one of the best ways of getting their day started. Among other things, cannabis tea could help alleviate chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and nausea. It can also help improve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression,
Make Topicals from Your Shake
You can make skin topicals like creams, lotions, salves and more from your cannabis shake. Some of the health benefits of the marijuana plant are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. These can give you the vibrant, youthful and beautiful look you’ve always desired. Of course, making cannabis-derived topicals from your shake can be time-consuming. But considering the health and aesthetic benefits it offers, it is worth all the time spent on it. The good news is that the plant extract itself contains rich essential oils for skincare. The shake can give you the best CBD topicals. It can also be made much more desirable by adding other ingredients like lemon, rosemary, and lavender. A finished cannabis-based topical can be applied on scars, blemishes, patches, and dry skin.
Vaporize It
If you can get a quality shake, vaping is one of the most creative ways to consume it. To get the best of you shake vaping experience, ensure that you remove unwanted stems, leaves, and any other junk from it. Keep in mind that a single strain shake will be more flavorful than the one with multiple strains. You can get the best CBD vape from it. If you are sourcing your shake from a dispensary, ask to know whether the strain is single or multi-sourced.
Make Hash from Shake
Hash is one of the cannabis concentrates you can get from your shake. You can make hash at home by heating your shake to get a potent, concentrated cannabis product. Before you use shake for hash, ensure that you take your time to remove the junks from it. This will give you a high quality finished product. There are many methods of producing marijuana hash. They include hand-rolling, blending, dry sifting, and using bubble bags.
If Shake is This Useful, Why the Stereotype Then?
Shake hasn’t really earned a good reputation in the community of weed enthusiasts. In fact, some will outrightly reject it, if offered. But is marijuana shake good or bad? The answer depends on the quality of flower a shake is derived from. A good, quality nug will most likely give you a good shake.
However, in the process of time, a good shake may also become bad, depending on how it is handled. If for instance, the shake is too old, it may have lost its desirable effects. In some cases, it is more on how it is stored. If there is more surface area in the storage jar than tightly packed buds, the shake can get oxidized quite faster. Factors such as these have been the reason behind people’s skepticism towards shake.
How to Make the Most of Your Cannabis Shake
To ensure you get the best from your shake, don’t leave it for too long before consuming it. And if you are buying from marijuana dispensaries, do ensure that it is not too moist or too dry. Also, some dispensaries perfect their shake by sieving it diligently to remove the unwanted plant matter and other junks it contains. When you buy such a well-prepared shake, you will have a good shakin’ experience. But on a rather disappointing note, some dispensaries don’t take the time to remove all these junks. And in some cases, some growers may erroneously pass off marijuana trim as shake. All these instances can make shake appear to be a bad cannabis experience. You will save yourself lots of stress by patronizing only a trusted Canada Mail Order Marijuana source, always.
Is Shake the same thing as Kief?
Marijuana shake should not be mistaken for kief. They are two different things. Kief is a harvested, crystal, powder-like, dusty resin that consists of trichomes. Also known as keef, kief contains a high level of cannabinoid. Kief usually falls off during the process of separating trichomes from cannabis flowers. Though it has its own usefulness in the marijuana world, it is not of the same quality with shake. Cannabis shake contains elements of flowers, buds, some stems. All this makes it richer and more useful.
Maximizing Your Cannabis Shake: A Win-Win
Of course, you may not want to smoke shake alone because even if you do, you cannot get as high as you would from your fresh cannabis ground buds. However, the fact that you can still make something great out of it makes it a marijuana “leftover” worth tapping for recreational or health benefits. Getting creative with your shake will, in the end, be a win-win marijuana experience. You will not only maximize your money, but you will also tap the whole useful parts of your cannabis. So, next time you have your cannabis shakin’ all over, the above ideas will always be worthwhile.