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How CBD Can Help You in Everyday Life

CBD has remarkable abilities. Here are ways it has been seen helping and a variety of ways to consume it. CBD has, in the past few years, earned itself recognition and reputation among natural alternative medicine lovers. Today, the naturally-occurring cannabis compound doesn’t require an introduction anymore. Thanks to the numerous health benefits of medical […]

Shakin’ All Over!? What To Do With All Your Cannabis Shake!

The marijuana industry has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the past few years. The exponential growth has led to the discoveries of so many ways to tap cannabis for both medical and recreational benefits. One of the eye-opening developments in the industry is that we have now come to understand that almost every […]

CBD for Pets

CBD For Pets - Online Dispensary Canada

CBD for Pets CBD for Pets. Canada is now in full strides to complete legalization of cannabis both medicinally and recreationally by 2019 at the latest. Among the many benefits that cannabis legalization would bring, one that is not discussed as often is the prospect of using cannabis to treat our pets. Many dog owners […]