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Weed and Your Workout- Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Physical Activities and CBD for Recovery

Working out is a major chore. Humans are creatures of comfort, and as anyone who’s spent a little time on a comfy sofa or bed can attest, getting up and moving, let alone exercising, can be tough. But that’s the irony of life, isn’t it? A lot of the things that are good for us […]

Edibles are here! A look into the first products to hit the Canadian market.

Over a year after cannabis was legalized in Canada and two months since new regulations changed to allow their sale, the first edibles are hitting the shelves in Canada. Alongside vape cartridges and extracts, edibles were held back from the first wave of legalization to allow additional time to address lawmakers’ concerns around safety. While […]

Healthy Munchies When You’re High

Healthy Munchies When You're High - Buy weed online canada

Healthy Munchies When You’re High The munchies don’t always have to be junk. While satisfying your munchies and eating healthy may might seem impossible… check out a few of these healthy options that can help.   Mangoes It’s not a proven fact, but many smokers are consuming mangoes an hour before lighting up to boost […]