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How to Make a Cannabis-Infused Feast (Weed Mac n Cheese, plus a Weed Lava Cake)

For a lot of people, marijuana invokes images of red-eyed, Cheeto munching stoners lounging about on a mangy couch, probably laughing at something that isn’t even funny. While that may have been a golden age for marijuana, things are different these days. As the herb becomes more mainstream, more states are allowing adults to use […]

Cannabis and Caffeine-Why Weed and Coffee is Such a Wonderful Combination

(Cannabis and Caffeine: a Blend from the gods) Cannabis and caffeine are some of the most consumed drugs in the United States. As of 2015, 17.68% of Americans were reported to be recreational consumers of the herb. And God knows just how many cups of coffee you’ve had today. Most cannabis enthusiasts believe that it’s […]

What’s the best strain for me? A beginner’s guide to Cannabis.

It’s a new world of cannabis out here; gone are the days of unidentified shake in ziplock bags. Today, Canadian dispensary shelves are brimming with choices. So many choices, in fact, that it can be pretty overwhelming for old-school smokers and newbies alike. One fun way to get to know cannabis is this cool cannabis card […]

Marijuana… Gateway or Exit Drug?

The Devils Harvest - Online Dispensary Canada

Marijuana… Gateway or Exit Drug? Is weed a gateway drug? For many years, and even in todays age, some ill minded people still speak of cannabis as the “gateway drug”. People often start with the “soft drugs” like marijuana, and then move onto “harder” stuff like heroin and cocaine. There might even be a few […]