Weed and Sex, what are the best strains?

What’s better than sex? Better sex. From kinks to kegels, there’s no shortage of things people will try to improve their sex lives. So it’s not surprising that cannabis has also been frequently turned to as a sexual aid.

There are lots of different strains of cannabis that have a range of different effects. So a common we get asked is question is “what’s the best strain for sex?” Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Sex is a complex topic for most of us, and the first step to bettering our sex lives is to ask ourselves honestly about our experience of sex. What is it that you love the most? Are you an every-little-kiss type who just basks in the sensory experience? Do you like fast, passionate sex? Is it all about talking, romance, and games for you?

Also ask yourself if you’ve noticed any problems in your sex life. Do you get nervous and struggle to climax or climax too soon? Are you too inside your own head? Do you get physically overstimulated or struggle to get turned on?

Notice how these types of questions already get you thinking about how cannabis might work to improve sex for you personally. If you have sexual anxiety, try a relaxing strain rather than a racy one. If you’re all about conversation, a cerebral strain works better than wine to loosen lips and maybe buttons. While your personal choice of best strain for sex may depend on a variety of factors, we compiled some sexy favorites from seasoned smokers that might give you a few (dirty) ideas.

Strain recommendations

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an energetic sativa that makes a great choice if you go for harder and faster in the sack. It’s the perfect wake-n-bake strain due to its creative spark and ability to keep you motivated through a busy day. It also stimulates brain activity, so it’s great for pillow talk after the main event. If physical tiredness is one of your main problems in bed, this strain is good for keeping you energetic through extended lovemaking sessions.

Love Potion #1

If you’re not already in love with your partner, you will be with the help of Love Potion #1. The happiness and euphoria associated with this strain might make you feel like you’re in love anyways. It’s especially known for stimulating arousal, so if there’s any lust in the air, this is sure to give things a nudge in the right direction (the bedroom). Users have reported high libidos on this strain, which can make for better and longer sex.

Grandaddy Purple

This strain is the perfect balance of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. So if you’re prone to anxiety that causes you to lock up physically and mentally when it comes to sex, Grandaddy Purple is definitely the remedy. This strain takes a little while to creep up on you, but when it does it hits hard. The slight tingly feeling throughout the body makes every sexual touch feel electric. Definitely expect to feel hungry with this strain, especially after you’ve gotten a bedroom workout in.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is another strain with a good balance of physical and mental effects for those who really need to get in the zone for sexytime. GSC makes you feel uplifted, happy and generally in good spirits, so it’s also perfect for a date night or just hanging out with your partner. Plenty of users have also reported arousal, so it’s great for turning a talkative vibe into a flirty one.

Violator Kush

Irony of the name aside, Violator Kush is great if some serious physical relaxation would improve sex for you. Imagine a zenned out kama sutra session with this strain. Violator Kush can put you in your body and make you feel amazing, making it perfect if you’re the type that just wants to get lost in your partner. Be warned that bedlock and/or after-sex naps are a distinct possibility with this strain (not that that’s a bad thing).

Other products:

Luckily for us, choice of strain is far from our only option when it comes to using cannabis to improve our sex lives. There are a plethora or products out there that can help you get the right vibe going. Hello dispensary era!

Dark chocolate

Oysters, strawberries, and…chocolate! Dark chocolate has been used as an aphrodisiac since colonial times, and there’s only one way to make it sexier: adding cannabis. Sharing cannabis dark chocolate with your partner with definitely put you both on another level, and put some ideas in your heads.

Epsom Salts

Couples bath anyone? There is nothing sexier than spending some intimate pamper time with your significant other. A bath is always relaxing, but one infused with cannabis will send you over the moon. Cannabis epsom salts will melt all your physical discomfort away and put you on cloud 9, ready to share it with someone special.

Calming CBD

If you’re of the anxious variety, CBD is your best friend. Sex can be nervewracking, but a few drops of CBD beforehand can help you let go and be in the moment. CBD oil comes in different strengths and with different THC ratios, so some experimentation might be called for to find the most effective product for you. Nevertheless, CBD could be a game changer when it comes to pre-sex nerves.

Massage Oil

Massages are a great way to lead into fun and sensual foreplay. Kill two birds with one stone and get your partner super physically relaxed with cannabis massage oil. Massage and cannabis go great together as a double-impact relaxation technique. Expect to feel any pain or tension in your body melt away. It’s an amazing thing to do for your partner, and hopefully they’ll return the favor!

Cannabis Lube

After you’ve taken your CBD, eaten medicated dark chocolate, had a cannabis bath, and given each other next-level messages, things are guaranteed to be getting heated. Push things over the top by adding some cannabis-laced lube into the mix. It’ll make everything down there feel incredible and make for pillow-gripping orgasms.

There’s a lot of ways to improve our sex lives with cannabis, and many cannabis consumers find that weed and sex just go hand in hand. Next time you’re thinking of doing the nasty, branch out with a sexy strain or exciting, romantic cannabis product. Eperimentation is what makes sex so fun, so don’t be afraid to play around (literally) with some new techniques to spice it up.

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